Mimi Camarillo

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Mimi Camarillo


Ojai, Santa Barbara, CA


Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and WRT Water Release Therapy® Provider.


Mimi is a vibrant, peaceful, compassionate, kind beauty who’s sparkly and intuitive self holds sacred space for clients to receive source’s energy while revitalizing and rejuvenating the soul of the ‘Receiver’ back to divine alignment.


Mimi is honored to share her gifts, talent, and love with all who are called to receive WRT Water Release Therapy®.


She offers Private WRT Sessions primarily in Ojai in unique essence filled spaces that hold spiritual gifted vibrations both in and out of the water.  And she will be delighted to travel to Santa Barbara and elsewhere.


An intuitive goddess who radiates divine expression, inner light, peace, joy, and is often glowing with pure love for her family, friends, and clients globally.


Mimi is experienced working with clients of all ages and abilities.  Hers is a practice of Authentic Openness and Pure Love for others.


Mimi especially enjoys sharing this heart centered therapy with older clients and individuals with all forms of challenges and abilities.


Mimi is a mom to a teenager with cerebral palsy and has practiced Recreation Therapy since 2010.

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