WRT Insurance

The following info are steps which all WRT ‘Provider’s, ‘Practitioners’ and ‘Therapists’ must take for Liability Insurance on the MMIP site:

When using the link do not add ‘www’

When typing in the URL to your search bar – you type in:  beyogiins.com/WRT.

You are then redirected to the longer URL which is held within our secure website, noted by the S at the end of the https://beyogi.com/partner/WRT


Please Select  ‘Other’  for our Modality as they understand us as Yoga in the warm water, however they do not have another option at this time.

1: You must have your DM completed to have obtained provider certification in order be eligable for WRT liability insurance.


2: Be sure to add your Primary Location PLUS I recommend currently having Tia’s as another Location Option here.

2a:  Tia Roosendahl  aka  ‘Tia’s Oasis’

     (call Tia for address please)




Healing Waters aka Suzie Sebastian

919 Veronica Springs Road

Santa Barbara, CA 93105

3:  Once signing up please email Diane at dianefeingold@gmail.com with the following information, an example:



Your Name (full name you entered to sign up)

Your full phone number