1: What are the WRT® L-1 Provider Training modules in WRT ?

  • Basic Watsu®
  • WRT Water Release Therapy® L-1


2. If I want to advance in my WRT what do I take next ?

  • WRT Water Release Therapy® L-2/3
  • And Auditing (repeating) of BW and WRT L-1

3. Why should I Receive a Prof WRT Session ?

  • All Students are encouraged to Receive at least One 90 min Prof WRT Session with Diane prior to taking any module.
  • All Students who wish to be considered for WRT L-1 Provider Certification must Receive at least TWO 90 minute Prof WRT Sessions with Diane minimum.  (One 90 min prior to each module is fine.  Some folks take many more.)
  • It is important for a Student to not only begin or continue his/her own personal healing journey for themselves (like putting one’s own oxygen mask on first)
  • and to experience what one might be aiming for in their own personal and professional practice going forward.   Otherwise one only experiences this Aquatic Art from the arms of new learning students.

4. Why must I take a Supervision from an Assistant prior to Student Practice ?

  • It is important for (us) to feel your progress and your learning while you are establishing fundamentals of the elements.
  • It is important for (us) to help you remove anything unwanted, so you can practice going forward in the best way possible.

5. Why do I need to Sign the ('DoU') 'Document of Understanding' first before Registration ?

  • This is the Registration process.  ‘DoU’ comes as the first step in the Registration process …  so we know you have read, understood, and agreed to at least the steps involved in the WRT L-1 Provider Certification process.
  • This allows us to establish you have a sincere interest in the journey whether or not you choose to continue with the WRT Certification path, at least you understand and have signed that you have read and agreed with the steps involved.

6. Why is my Registration non refundable ?

  • This allows you to secure your space in the small group classes and demonstrate your sincerity.
  • If for some reason or emergency you cannot take the class, with enough advance notice, min two months ahead preferred, you are entitled to a class credit for approximately two years.

7. Why do I need to connect personally with Diane or her Assistants and/ or Organizers ?

  • We like to have a feeling for you, your background, your temperament, your integrity, your truthfulness, we care about our gifts going out into the world by our ‘WRT Providers’, WRT Practitioners, and WRT Therapists.

8. Why do I need to discuss if I'm coming with someone who is a friend vs an intimate partner ?

  • Diane and Assistants like to know where each student is coming from.  Ethically all students who come alone leave alone or as friends or classmates not as lovers or intimates.
  • Couples who come together also work with others in the class.  Or may choose to elect for a couples training or a semi – private training.

9. Why do I need to purchase tools ?

  • Floats and Text are required for the start of the first BW module

10. How come there is not a 'set' number of practices required in the program and the range is between 30-40-50 ?

  • Each Student learns differently and we cannot say exactly how many hours it will take for each student to embody all the elements.
  • We can give a pretty good guess once we observe how you are learning.  However practice is key.

11. Why does Diane encourage Auditing of the modules ?

  • It is with repetition that a re-learning what may have not been understood or even seen the first time, unfolds.
  • It is a process of refinement and learning to drop more fully into the warm water and learn the ways of water.
  • Many students gain numerous benefits from Auditing any of the modules.

12. If I am a Watsu® Practitioner what are the benefits of taking the WRT Provider Certification ?

  • You will learn WRT Water Release Therapy® which becomes more about the whole person as full body immersion is part of the learning and experience for ‘Giver’ and ‘Receiver’ respectively.
  • This WRT differs greatly from other Aquatic Arts in terms of the inclusion of Yoga, Breathwork, Depth of Presence, under the surface learning and experience, and profound nature of the Art and potential for Somatic Release.

13. Can I take WRT if I have never had any experience with Watsu®, or other Aquatic Healing modalities ?

  • Yes

14. What is the benefit of taking WRT L-1 Provider Certification and then pursuing the Watsu® Practitioner path ?

  • If one becomes a WRT L-1 Provider then a suggested starting earning amount is a standard.  This enables the student to expand into lifelong learning in the water while being financially and vocationally supported.
  • The program offers both a time and cost efficient path, (approved by Harold Dull ~ creator of Watsu® ), in which one can express and share their uniqueness in the warm water.