Client Testimonials


Experiencing Diane’s work is truly amazing and very profound! Her skillful underwater massage technique, her gentle stretches and even every word she says to me, all seem very intuitive and full of wisdom. Whatever issue I bring to her pool, I leave renewed and feeling a leap further in my healing. I recommend this work to everybody!  It is the most profound therapy I know.

~ Corinna Maharani
Santa Barbara, CA 2016




Nothing on earth can truly describe the experience of WRT – it must be experienced. It is in my opinion the most subtle and powerful massage and healing modality I have ever felt- And Diane Feingold is the creator. WRT is aquatic bodywork, where the practitioner guides you through stretches while supporting your body and massaging. Diane is one of the most talented healers alive. Her authentic dedication to being present and supportive can be felt in every cell of your body as she guides you though the water. Imagine the best massage you ever have had, combined with feeling like a dolphin in another world. Imagine being guided through your body and releasing your holding patterns so as to be free to be authentic in your daily life. Life is too short to not experience WRT. It will change your life for the better. Diane is also an exceptional teacher. I had no choice but to study the art after experiencing it – it was just too good to not understand deeply. We are very lucky that it was created here in Santa Barbara, and that this healing soul is here for us to learn from.

~ Shaun Oster
Santa Barbara, CA 2015




I met Diane in 1999, my first year of college, when I signed up for my first yoga class. She literally changed the course of my life, in a way I feel incredibly indebted to her for. Her quality of loving presence, wisdom, connection, acceptance, affirming words, gentle but confident and encouraging guidance, and depth of embodiment heals on so many levels. To be in her presence is to feel safe, seen, held, nurtured, unconditionally Loved. I became a dedicated student of yoga through her teachings, which brought my life so much more meaning, direction, fullness, and authenticity. Eventually she shared the healing waters with me as well… where many floods of tears were released, tension melted away, and connection of body, mind and spirit on deep levels revealed, such as an experiential remembering of being warm and curled up in my mother’s womb. This woman is a gift to the world, and if you are so lucky to find yourself in her presence, consider yourself Blessed.

~ Jenny J.
Santa Cruz, CA



WRT Water Release Therapy® is unlike anything you have ever experienced. It provokes a deeply enlightening sense of unity with self, the universe, and the life energy flowing through all of us. Someone else said it best, “Life is too short to not experience WRT”.

~ Nolan R.
Seattle, WA 2016



WRT Water Release Therapy® is so much better than massage or facial or a nap or a wonderful dream. It feels heavenly, spiritual, relaxing, rejuvenating. Diane sets up the experience initially with some dialogue, then expertly allows you to have your own quiet experience. At times I feel like I’m in the womb. At other times I feel that I am a playful dolphin. At the end, I always release tears of gratitude. Diane is truly skilled and sensitive to whatever kind of experience that suits you. Thank you Diane for what you do. Everyone should have this opportunity!

~ Mary R.
Capitola, CA 2010



Diane is an amazing aquatic therapist who utilizes her deep empathy, intuition and knowledge in heartfelt service to her clients. She works extremely well with children as well as adults, treating all with profound respect and insight into their healing journey. My family and I have found new levels of wholeness and regeneration through her compassionate care and expertise. I highly recommend her!

~ Candice Foss
Bloomington, IN  2010



The work I did with Diane over the course of Winter of 2007 to Fall of 2009 was magical. I was able to release fears I had of being in the water and saw parts of my body reintegrate with the general integrity of my being. The water release work (WRT) with Diane works with psychoanalytical work, exploring different issues with relationships, and challenges in one’s life. She is a joy to work with and holds the space so kindly, warmly and with such strength.

Founding Director, Global Voice Foundation 501(c)3

~ Irene Murphy Lewis
Paris, France  2011



The WRT Water Release Therapy® that Diane provides is top notch. Her profound understanding and experience of the technique comes through in the treatment as powerfully as her caring support and intuitive heart.”

Science Teacher SBMS, Director and Teacher School Down Under New Zealand

~ Wendelin Wagner
Santa Barbara, CA  2011



I’ve had the honor of receiving several Watsu®’s and WRT®’s from Diane over the years. This was one of the most powerful and illuminating experiences in my Life! At times I felt as though I were a dolphin, then a fetus back in the womb (hmmm … 98 degree water) – No Joke. Transcendent is another word that comes to mind. If you are in the Santa Barbara California area, and are looking for a new type of experience, give Diane a call.

Founder at – Holistic Health & Wellness

~ Al Marcelline
Santa Barbara, CA  2011



Diane’s WRT Water Release Therapy® (WRT) is the most remarkable body work I have ever experienced. Deeply relaxing. Opens you to higher levels of emotional work, including the release of trauma. Very powerful.

~ Jennie Marlow
Boonville, CA   2009



I have known Diane Feingold for many years as a Yoga Instructor, Watsu®, WaterDance & WRT Water Release Therapist® and Instructor. Each and every time she has worked with me, there have been profound effects. Not long ago, I had a Watsu® session that was out of this world. Not only did it help relieve and dissipate nerve problems I had from a tennis injury, but the overall experience was of the sublime kind. It was almost like being reborn. How great to have an instructor here in the southern part of the state of such high caliber who comes directly from Howard Dull’s tutelage!  Highly recommended!

~ Eric Kirsch
Santa Barbara, CA  2011



Diane provides and outstanding experience in relaxation, meditation and overall mind/body therapy through her Water Release Therapy. Floating effortlessly in a body-temperature pool while she manipulates your muscles and skeletal system is a one-of-a-kind experience that leaves you on a higher plane mentally and completely relaxed physically.

Freelance Writer & Editor – Motosports, Travel, Outdoors

~ Arden Kysely
Santa Barbara, CA  2013



Diane’s skills as a healer can only be experienced to be understood. I have had Watsu® therapy many times at Harbin Springs, the birthplace of the art. Not once has any therapist even come close to the profoundness of the healing experience Diane guides you through. A combination of skill in understanding injury and anatomy, the grace/finesse of uncompromisable master of…more

Just had another life-changing WRT Water Release Therapy® Session with Diane Feingold. Here is the meditation that came to me:

When you seek balance, you are seeking two polarities that are calm, but change is inevitable. What is really unchanging? Non-existance. Do you really seek non-existance? Therefore, If existence is change, then imagine it’s a doughnut, and imagine that it’s center is changelessness/non-existence. Neither concept can exist without the other. Focusing on polarities is denying the truth of what we are (both the doughnut and the hole). I think it’s best to just ride the river of change knowing that you are part of it – do your best to be the change that makes you happy to exist.

Web Developer, Chef, Drumset Teacher, and Composer/Performer and WRT Water Release Therapy® Provider 2015.

~ Shaun Oster
Santa Barbara, CA  2009



The WRT Water Release Therapy® session with Diane was a wonderful experience in a beautiful, nurturing environment. Her technical expertise and gentle nature guided me to an ultimately peaceful place within myself where I was able to relax and release physical and emotional tensions I had been carrying for years. Highly recommended for anyone willing to heal and clear their…more

Artist, Designer, Owner at Emiliano Art and Design

~ Emiliano Campobello
Santa Barbara, CA  2011



Love Diane’s WRT Water Release Therapy®. Slip into the water with her and let your cares slip away, all the tension in your body melt, and the song of your soul become audible.

CEO and Main gem carver at Maile Stones “Adorn the Body, Feed the Soul”

~ Maile Ellington
Santa Barbara, CA  2011



Diane is the best Watsu® & WRT Therapist I’ve ever experienced. Her presence and shamanic healing abilities bring you into a deep state of physical/emotional/spiritual release and relaxation.

When she takes you under the water you feel like a dolphin or a mermaid!

Diane is not only a highly gifted Watsu® and WRT Water Release Therapist®, but is a fabulous teacher. I highly recommend her.

Writer, Drummer, Online Marketing Maven, Entrepreneur

~ Kris Oster
Santa Barbara, CA  2011



Diane is awesome in whatever she does…caring heart, loving peaceful healing presents….need I say more……all are blessed to feel her vibration!

Independent Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional /

~ Anita Cawley
Maui, HI  2011



Diane is an amazingly gifted healer. I can’t speak highly enough of her talent and gifts. Her depth and breadth of knowledge is incomparable.

Computer Network Technologist at Earth Research Institute, UCSB

~ Darla Sharp
Santa Barbara, CA   2011



Thank you very much, Diane, for the profound healing experiences I receive from your  WRT Water Release Therapy® sessions! As a recent quadriplegic in the midst of recovery I have found my time with you in the water to be of great benefit invoking in me a strong sense of wholeness and the remembrance of myself fully able once again.

~ Gustavo R.
Santa Barbara, CA 2014



I love the nurturing I receive from Diane during my sessions of WRT Water Release Therapy® !

Yes I receive the stretching in the perfect warm water but most of all I enjoy the “nurturing” feeling during the treatment.  And I love the pool too!  It always feels so safe and special. I feel blessed every time!

~ Glorianna B.
Santa Barbara, CA 2014