Soup Zen


This first book is my idea of a different way to teach cooking. Many chefs are so focused on quantity of recipes, proportion and measurement that they never take the time to explain how environmental factors might affect a recipe–such as water, weather, local varieties of produce and grain, etc.

I believe that it is wiser to teach the fundamentals of cooking technique through one singe recipe; passing a whole style of cooking that will reflect on all future meals. Video is a fast, effective way to present as many tips and tricks as possible. This book was designed to have the video played as you actually cook the recipe!  I will guide you through each vegetable, and every step in close video detail. Of course I am including some variations at the end in traditional cookbook format.

Soup is a great medium to train your senses. Why? Because you could make it entirely out of a single vegetable and it will be delicious if you have the correct ingredients, knowledge, and love to create balance.

Soup can be made out of anything in your refrigerator!  Soup can be made out of nothing but onions and still taste good with proper seasoning!

Just like with jazz drumming, the more you allow yourself to take the risk of trusting your intuition, the more natural it will become. Eat well, live well.



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