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Website: “Water + Poiesis” Page for my WRT Water Release Therapy® Practice
My WRT Water Release Therapy® Practice and Introspection:


I grew up revelling in water.  I find solace, strength, and joy in, on, and around waters.
All throughout my life, water is part of who I am.
I studied Geography and later on specialized in Water Resources Engineering in hopes to contribute to the “treatment” of urban water pollution.  I have spent many years trying to create solutions for a more sustainable, water sensitive approach to development.  However, in WRT Water Release Therapy®, I have found myself the one being “treated” and being healed by and in the waters.  In a funny déjà vu, the water has come to mirror and embrace my intention and my sense of purpose.  I am deeply humbled and energized by this realization.  WRT Water Release Therapy® has been a truly transformative experience that I wish to share.


Having a more profound connection with water, not just in the physical or technical level, but also in a more spiritual sense, I feel more inspired and dedicated to extend this awareness to my practice of arts and sustainable design.  And water will always be a crucial element in my attempts and experiments in creating and reimagining and hopefully, transforming spaces, places, cities, communities, and peoples.


Master of Science in Built Environment, specializing in Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure Program, The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Stockholm Sweden
Bachelor of Science in Geography, cum laude, The University of the Philippines, Diliman
Basic Watsu, Diane Feingold, Santa Barbara, California, USA


WRT Water Release Therapy® L1 Provider, Diane Feingold, Santa Barbara, California, USA

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