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Cherilyn Wilson


Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Marin County USA

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Cherilyn is a certified breathwork facilitator and the founder of Chronic Compassion LA, a non-profit interactive support community for individuals and families coping with chronic illness and pain. She incorporates mindfulness and compassion work into support circles to aid in transforming chronic pain.

She synchronistically stumbled upon Harbin Hot Springs – the birthplace of Watsu® on a road trip through Northern California and immediately became infatuated with the modality.

When her disabled Mother was prescribed aquatic therapy for her neuroskeletal and neuromuscular pain caused by fibromyalgia and spinal degeneration; Cherilyn witnessed in her Mom a blooming sense of joy, safety and confidence and realized the profound healing benefits that the water provides – launching Cherilyn on her journey to become a WRT Water Release Therapy® Provider.

Cherilyn offers Private WRT Water Release Therapy® sessions primarily in Los Angeles as well as Ventura, Santa Barbara and Marin Counties. She is currently studying integrative energy and bodywork at IPSB School of Massage at the Life Energy Institute.

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