Pool Renting Guidelines

August 13, 2015

Dear WRT Water Release Therapy® ‘Providers’ and Water Renters,

Writing to let you know I will be scheduling for Suzie and Clint the ‘Healing Waters’ activity.

Here are some Guidelines we have established and put into place for the ability to continue offering our beautiful healing services to community and beyond.

  1. Must have current Liability Insurance on File with ‘Healing Waters’ and Suzie Sebastian’s name on policy before first appt.

Can send to: WRT Water Release Therapy® / 6 Harbor Way 233 / SB / CA  93109


  1. Each hour of rental is $40. (forty) and 1.5 is $60. (sixty) and 2 hrs. 80. (eighty) and so on.

All fees made out to ‘Suzie Sebastian’ and placed in envelope on silver tray on Dryer at time of usage.
All checks should come from ‘Providers’, not clients.
All booking and rescheduling emailed to : dianefeingold@gmail.com
Sorry no exceptions.


  1. Must have WRT Certification as ‘Provider’ or Watsu® Practitioner Certification on File, please send with Liability Insurance before first appt.

Can send to WRT Water Release Therapy® / 6 Harbor Way 233 / SB / CA  93109


  1. Please use discretion when giving out the address.  Only to referrals or folks you have carefully interviewed for safety and liability in our Private Setting.  Please do not advertise the address of ‘Healing Waters’ on Facebook or your sites or any other public mailing or notice.
  2. Please make sure you have all your ‘Receivers’ come freshly showered; no oils, lotions, hair products, perfumes, sun lotions, sand, tar, food etc.  If there is a BM prior to pool usage they must wash in shower with soap and hot water prior to entry.


  1. Please have ‘Receivers’ shower at their own home post Sessions.
  2. There will be a .5 hour between each Session. Leaving 15 for current ‘Receiver’ to exit, and 15 for new client/ Receiver to enter.  If you do an Intake please allow for this when booking, Required.
  3. ‘Receivers’/ Clients should arrive after ‘Provider’ ‘Practitioner’ is on site and depart before ‘Practitioner’ departs.  No clients on property without ‘Practitioner’ present.


  1. All scheduling of Sessions between 1230PM and end by 600PM.
    Some Sessions may be scheduled in AM no earlier than 930AM.
  2. No classes, groups, or Trainings without prior approval.


  1. We have now a min. 48 hour cancellation policy, means; for any reason should you need to shift, reschedule, cancel, you must give minimum 48 hours ahead or full Rental Rate applies rain or shine.  I prefer 72 hrs ahead.
    With respect for everyone we ask that you book or reschedule preferably min. 2 weeks ahead or more so we can give the time to another.
    All booking and rescheduling emailed to : dianefeingold@gmail.com
    Sorry no exceptions.
  2. Please make sure when inviting your ‘Receivers’ they are clear about parking in front of house or across street.  Please make sure they are clear to enter path along driveway, gate with dolphins and NEVER use front door, disturbing tenant.
  3. No noise.  Drumming, loud music, healing sounds, smoke etc.  All Sessions must be quiet with respect for elderly and all neighbors and community.
  4. Attire.  Bathing suits and trunks are required.  No exceptions, this is a professional setting and we choose to respect the professional space for everyone involved.
  5. Please have your ‘Receivers’ bring their own towels, drinking water etc.
  6. The house is off limits for all Renters and their ‘Receivers’ except for pool bathroom.  Please unlock both doors when exiting bathroom.
  7. Please make sure you clean bathroom when leaving.  This is your responsibility.
  8. Please report any sign of malfunction of equipment or plumbing immediately and post sign on equipment/ toilet or sink.  (Example: toilet or sink stoppage, pool cover malfunction or excessively low pool water level.   Do not touch pool equipment.


  1. Please sign this Guideline agreement and send to above address with your Current Liability (each year) and Certificate.
  2. If you have a ‘Receiver’ who is handicapped they must have minimum 2 qualified persons for entry in and out of pool at all times.  No catheters, open wounds, high blood pressure etc.  Make sure you have a letter from Dr. saying they can enter water.  Or go to Rehab pool if needed.
  3. No children or babies, sorry.  15 and up okay.
  4. Make sure you and your clients understand that if one accidentally pees in pool, the urethra is open and vulnerable to bacteria, not good for anyone.
  5. Healing Waters is not responsible for infections, ear or otherwise.
  6. Do not open or close cover, it will be opened for you and closed for you.
  7. No pets in backyard.  And certainly while Shoei is present (she has never bitten a person but will bite another dog).

    26.  Please have your cell phone within reach while in session so that in the event of an emergency, you are able to call 911 from inside the pool, while still supporting your client.


  1. Please renew or take a current CPR class and send certificate along with the Liability and WRT ‘Provider’ License.
  2. Please have your “Receivers” sign a liability waiver that will make them aware of risks such as slipping and falling, any injuries to their person or property they may occur and that they are fully liable for such damages and injuries and waive their rights to hold a third person such as you the “Provider” or the “Landlord” responsible. Please keep a copy for each “Receiver” in your files.

We welcome gardening volunteers if you want to pick a spot to freshen up, replant or nurture.  Creative drought tolerant plants with stones, mulch or garden art are welcome.


Thank you very much for your efforts in following the Guidelines and allowing ‘Healing Waters’ the respect and space needed for quality healing and care for all.


I am in full agreement with the outlined guidelines and understand the rules and guidelines in their entirety, taking full responsibility to follow and respect each and every one of them by signing below:


Please Print

Full Name____________________________________________Date_________________




Phone_______________________ Physical address________________________________


email_________________________________ website _____________________________



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