What’s the word hummingbird ?

I really miss my Mom.  Her name was Ann Elizabeth.  She was the dearest woman I have ever known.  I miss her gentle ways, strong ways and nurturing heart. always seeming to ‘know’ and to ‘understand’ what was up.  She was a ‘seer’ on land, she had ‘ether wisdom’.

An Aquarius, like Gabriel, my eldest son, also a pure empathetic being, hung on for a good year after his death.  and I’m sure that wasn’t the time in her life she’d like to remember.

She was such a positive soul, (it wasn’t always this way… in the early days growing up and at times our differences were challenging),  …years of acceptance and wisdom turned her into a peace maker, (maybe me too), always somehow it seemed brighter to be with her.  I’m sure my years as a rebel were difficult and yet somehow I could always come back to the source, she’d be there and I always felt uplifted by her.  wasn’t that she would necessarily say the ‘right’ thing or the ‘best’ thing, I think now it was her energetic knowing and deep compassion.

I really miss her.  At times I imagine that she hears my heart.  I sure miss hers.

Last month, one day I was vacuuming and it happened to be one of those moments of real longing for her, and suddenly I came across one of her precious handwritten notes on stationary I had given to her from a previous Birthday (each stationary card had the words embossed in gold;  “what’s the word hummingbird”)   she had a way with the handwritten word that went right to the truth.   She told me “…this Love is forever.”

who knows ?

I think it has taken me this long to say this human being was one of the dearest kindest and most thoughtful person one could hope to meet in a lifetime, let alone get to be her youngest daughter.

I’m lucky.


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