Talking Heads vs Shaking Hearts

Thanks to my new friends Sara and Mary I have recently read this beautiful book and strongly recommend the read: “The Bushman Way of Tracking God” by Bradford Keeney. The Author speaks about the Bushman way of attuning to the Life Force, Keeney weaves effortlessly the world traditions of attuning to the energy, revealing the common experiential ground underlying schools, lineages, cultural forms of the ancients.

Some say this book is a “mojo book”, meaning that Author created a book infused – so to speak – with the Qi or Chi of the “Shaking Medicine”. There are already some reports from readers having interesting experiences (dreams, energetic phenomena, etc.) which seem to point in this direction.

I would agree, that ‘New Age has had it’s say’, it’s time to ‘Be’ the Essence of the Life Force.

It is not something one would find by sitting still, following a certain path, a certain Religion, can’t find G-d on paper, or in a defined Institute, or group or formulae, can’t find G-d in complex words or ideas; get down to stillness, be present by embracing the flow of energy, discover the space between matter; the jolts, the shake of release, it can be as simple as a smile which opens the heart, it’s all about authentic LOVE…

When the heart rises above the head and brings the mind into loving inclusion and acceptance this is possible.

Keeney states; “It’s about the wildness of being out of control. Ecstatic experience; bring on the Life Force, that which can be deeply felt by a higher order, getting out of the way, nothing to explain or understanding, step into the river of life that is married to the pain and the joy, feel it all. Feel the complexity.”

Well, I feel a true kinship as I often shake and jolt my clients and students in the warm WRT Water Release Therapy®, were true release and transformation resides.

Or you can choose to spend another decade or more attending courses and following beliefs that may not give You the opportunity to be…

…Instead, find yourself. Awaken to you.

Keeney says, “God can’t catch a fish unless it’s wiggling.”

Be the “electrical pulsing cloud, be the Essence of Life Force”

Peace, Love and Light,



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