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From Pregnancy to Ecstasy
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Born in the Caribbean shores of Venezuela, Joelle has been in love with Music, Dance and Water all her Life.
Started ballet at age 5 with a Russian teacher. Moved to Paris in 1968, where she studied Acting, Modern dance and discovered Yoga.


She was also introduced by her father to Gurdjieff teachings and movements. She fell in love with the latest: using movement to create Awareness.


Back in Venezuela, she gave birth to two wonderful sons, up in the Andes, in the middle of nature. That experience ignited her curiosity around Birth and Birth Trauma.
Years later, she became a rebirther and realizing, once again, the impact Birth can have on your Life, she decided to become a Doula.
Together with Dr. Beltran Lares and a team of amazing women, they opened a Birthing Center in Caracas, where she was a pioneer in practicing Re birthing with pregnant women.


She created “From Pregnancy to Ecstasy”, a complete method in preparation to Birth, based on the 5 Elements and Tantric elements.


She taught workshops in nature that included swimming with Dolphins.
Her next step was to create the possibility for pregnant women to have their babies in the water with Dolphins.


During her weekend workshops for pregnancy, she explored movement and a friend of hers, visiting during one of those workshops, introduced her to Feldenkrais.
She then contacted “Movement Educators” in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and was invited to a 4 year training in year 2000.


Thanks to this Divine Opportunity, she was able to move to the US and escape and leave her country that is going through very rough times.


Forever grateful to Movement Educators, Joelle graduated in 2003 and started teaching classes and workshops in Los Angeles CA and in Miami.
She developed Move Wise and a whole series of movements with the ball.
She has been using Feldenkrais since then with pregnant women and is realizing with each one of them, how important and useful of a tool  it is for the pregnant girl and also for the Doula!


Her love for water lead her naturally to start exploring movement in the medium where she discovered and completed the WRT Water Release Therapy® Training with Diane Feingold in Santa Barbara, California.


She is now a WRT Water Release Therapy® Provider and totally in love with the work!

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