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Elena Oks


Ventura, Ojai, Santa Barbara, CA USA RUSSIA



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Throughout her life, Elena has chosen careers in the care taking professions. A medical school graduate from Moscow State University, she specialized in sports medicine. Being an avid swimmer, cyclist and yogi, with a keen interest in natural healing and athletics, she worked as Fitness Trainer and Swimming Instructor. Elena trained children and teenagers with orthopedic challenges, as well as coached all ages in swimming technique and conditioning. At that time, Elena lived in Russia, where water benefits on a baby’s and child’s physical health and development, is mainstream.


After receiving her Baby Swimming Instructor Certification, she experienced the joy of working with the little ones and their parents in warm water. In 2009, Elena moved to the USA, soon starting her practice as a Licensed Massage Therapist, and discovering Watsu® and WRT Water Release Therapy®, and pursued her training and Certification as WRT Water Release Therapy® Provider. Elena finds great joy in sharing the gift of warm water healing, and sees the powerful effect that the nurturing touch and gentle, yet deep stretching, can have on a human body and soul.


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