Delmar Uqualla



Delmar Uqualla


KS, NY, Alpine, CA USA

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Delmar Sensi Uqualla

Sensi = seeds
Uguellla = People of the blue green water


Delmar Sensi Uqualla is a full Native American.  She is of 4 (FOUR) Native American Tribes:

The Kumeyaay
The Havasupai
The Kiowa
The Comanche


Delmar is a Certified and Authorized WRT Water Release Therapy® Provider.


Fashion Stylist and Designer.  She is a Dancer and strong Native American Activist.


Delmar is in progress of creating non-profit projects to raise money, and awareness for Native Reservations through healing modalities, art, fashion, dance, and media.


Delmar has attended the Indigenous People’s Issues Forum at the United Nations, and is connected to many Indigenous Tribes across the United States.


She travels often, and is based out of Boston, MA and San Diego, CA.


Delmar is currently working toward making WRT Water Release Therapy® available for Reservations.  Focusing on people with PTSD, nerve damage, abuse, addictions, mental dilemmas, and anyone who wants to find their power and strength naturally.


Delmar’s dream is to bring connection in a dialogue; both verbal and experiential between all cultures in the US and around the world.  She is on a mission to facilitate meaningful contribution with her life and the lives of others.

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