Cherilyn Wilson



Cherilyn Wilson


Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, USA


Cherilyn synchronistically stumbled upon Harbin Hot Springs – the birthplace of Watsu® on a road trip through Northern California, and immediately became infatuated with the modality.

As a caregiver for her disabled mother, when her mother was prescribed aquatic therapy for her chronic neuroskeletal and neuromuscular pain caused by fibromyalgia and spinal degeneration; Cherilyn witnessed the immense joy, security and confidence that was harvested in her mother by the support of the warm water. She realized the profound benefits for healing that the water provides – launching Cherilyn on her journey to become a WRT Water Release Therapy® Provider.
Cherilyn is a compassionate, intuitive provider who holds sacred space for clients to receive source’s nourishing and liberating energy. She is honored to share this heart centered therapy with individuals with all forms of challenges and abilities, older clients, and with all who are called to receive WRT Water Release Therapy®.

She is completing her Yoga Teacher Training in Bali in 2018 and is a student of the Hakomi Method®, a mindfulness-based, body-centered psychotherapy.


She offers Private WRT Sessions primarily in Santa Monica, California and throughout Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties and in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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